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  All our Rigid Inflatable Boats are available with or Without Front Storage; with or without rear bench seats; with or without a radar arch used for mounting navigation and spot lights. Some are made with a built in fuel tank others use a portable tank depending on the fuel capacity. Rigid inflatable boat is defined as a hard-hulled boat with air inflatable collars. RIB hulls are made of fiberglass, aluminum or composite materials. The soft bumpers called "sponsons," can be air tubes with a number of air chambers inside, these air chambers each have a separate air valve so if one tube deflates the vessel will remain afloat to return for repairs. Some have an all foam system where the tubes cannot deflate. These boats like other outboards are powered by a variety of motors, some even powered by inboard engines. These boats have a width of 5 feet to 10 feet depending on the length, Over all length depends on the length of the tubes as they extend past the transom, Hull length 212 cc, Number of passengers ride depends on the use. Many types are used as whale watching boats seating 20 or more. Hypalon material is used when conditions require heat resistance such as in southern climates. Rigid inflatable boats are more like traditional boats, with V hulls supported by a rigid material. The main benefits of these boats are light weight, superior performance and easy assembly. To assemble, one simply has to inflate the tubes. However, storage can be a problem because they can't be made smaller than the rigid portion of the boat. Many yachts use a davit system to bring launch and bring it back onto the larger boat.
Warranty 5 years hull and tubes.
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